Business Planning


You have a great business idea - now what? 

Most people hesitate to go to a lawyer to start the planning of their business simply because they figure, “How hard could it be? Other’s do it on their own, why can’t I?”  

Forming your business entity should not be a one size fits all approach.  Our focus is on making sure that you have the tools you need for your business to succeed.  We work with you to create strategies by providing creative options to common questions such as where to form your entity and what type of entity is best for you as well as questions most people never consider when starting their business; Which agreements do you need immediately and which can wait, what kind of insurance should you obtain and how do you even find an insurance advisor anyway?

We offer a holistic approach to building your business foundation, assisting you in making decisions on when to hire and how, as well as providing tips and strategies on how to work with your CPA for maximum tax savings! 


We get to know you and your business in order to determine what lifestyle you want to have while you are in the business, how you want your business to present to the world and how you plan on retiring from your business, if at all.  

Our business planning service is designed with the end in mind.  After all, you don’t own your path without a plan. 


Your legacy as a business owner is your work in the world; the business that you have worked so hard to build.  Your business has supported yourself, your family and loved ones.  What happens when your business can no longer depend on you? If you become incapacitated or die, your business will still need to support your family.  How will you ensure that is possible? 

Traditional business lawyers typically overlook this all together, leaving you unprepared in the event you are no longer able to remain physically present in your business. 
The goal of succession planning is to ensure that your business goes to the person that you choose, at the time that you choose it, and for the value you intended. Your business will not grow without a plan.  We help you to create transferable value so when you want to exit your business, the value will transfer to the new owner.  


Whether your goal is to pass your business onto your loved ones, sell your beloved business or simply to operate your business for income until retirement, we will find a strategy that best serves your specific business and personal goals.  

More importantly, we help you capture the values that your have learned as an entrepreneur that truly are invaluable to your loved ones.  As you business changes and grows, we grow with you! 

Our approach is to empower you with transparent education so that you can make informed decisions for your business with our support. 

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